As I examine all the aspects of who I am as a person there is always been one characteristic that has haunted me and driven my life in negative ways. This is my weight. If I was asked to describe myself the word "fat" has for a long time been the first word that came to mind. Although I resist letting it pass my lips and I quickly replace it with other more positive things. Clever, funny, creative .. so many positives replacing one negative. Is the problem that I am fat? Or is the problem that I see it as a negative? It sure hasn't worked to change my body. Perhaps its time to change my thinking and hope the rest will follow.

I am turning my focus from "losing weight" to "gaining health". I have come to a conclusion that losing weight does not always mean gaining health. I can change my scale numbers and feel no better about how I feel, my endurance, my energy etc. Ideally I have come to realize that I just want to feel better, I need to stop focusing  on losing weight. My know that if I start living to feel good and be healthy weight loss with naturally occur. But if it doesn't that's okay too because I will feel good, have more energy, and I will be healthy.